At Ikima we take full account of what privacy means to you (our customer) and will ensure you of your fundamental right to privacy and protection of your personal information. We will follow article 29 of the Nepalese constitution (a) to the constitutional right to privacy of the matter relating to body, residence, property, document, data, correspondence and character of every person, (b) to manage the protection and safe use of personal information remained in any public body or institution and (c) to prevent encroachment on the privacy of every person.

Ikima will follow the enactment of Individual Privacy Act, 2075 and the Individual Privacy Regulation, 2077 in ensuring that your personal information and data is safe with us and will not be shared to third party for any financial gains. However, in cases where it is necessary to provide any personal data or details to the court or the agency or official authorized under law in the course of investigation of any criminal offence, such data or details shall be provided.