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Shipment Service

Shipment Service

The service where Ikima will pick up the shipment on behalf of the shipper from various Vendors for delivering its consignees.

Live GPS Tracking

Live GPS Tracking

In-app tracking allows you and the receiver to track your order in real-time during the delivery.

Secure Delivery

Secure Delivery

Our secure delivery facilities are regularly inspected and well equipped, so you can be sure that your belongings are securely delivered in the best conditions.

Cash on Pickup

Cash on Pickup

Customers will receive their shipment parcels direct at their mentioned address with the facility to pay the delivery right at the time of receipt of the parcel.

Mobile App

Mobile App

You can easily get access to all the services via. Mobile application provided by Ikima express.

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Pratik KC

The experience was awesome and ikima is the best when it come to shipping agents.

Victor Thapa

Great working with you guys. Ikima is amazing when it comes to shipping company

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Rs. 100per month

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